BioQueue is constantly being updated, below are the updates which had beed introduced since the original publication of BioQueue in 2017.


  • Moved from Python 2.7 to Python 3.x;
  • Workspace: allowed users to add multiple workspaces and assign jobs to workspaces;
  • Version control for protocols;
  • Conda environment: allowed users to activate specific conda enrironment before running a specific step (will automatically deactivate after the step finishes.)

Auxiliary functions

  • Sample pool: managing uploaded files/samples with additional information about them (like sample name, sequencing depth, preprocessing, citation, etc);
  • Job name filter: allowed users to filter jobs with certain keywords;
  • Archiving and sharing job outputs with collaborators via Google Drive;
  • Job integrity check:
    • Is this job analyzed with the newest version of protocol? (If true, the job will be marked as yellow)
    • Are there any changes among inputs or outputs of this job after its finishing? (If true, the job will be marked as red) s finishing


  • Appearance of job cards: changed the order of job input, parameter, output dir and manipulative buttons;
  • Open platform: To improve stability of the service, BioQueue's open platform is now moved from NEFU to our own server. So the previous link ( in our manuscript should be replaced with