If you are interested in the detailed methodology, please refer to our manuscript, bioSyntax: syntax highlighting for computational biology, for more information.


bioSyntax is a tool designed to simplify the inspection of biological sequences, regions, and alignments. It is compatible with multiple text editors such as vim, VS Code, sublime, less, and gedit.

It provides syntax highlighting for various file formats including FASTA, FASTQ, CWL, BED, GTF, PDB, PML, SAM, and VCF.

This tool is a collaboration between Artem Babaian (lead developer), Anicet Ebou, Alyssa Fegen, Ho Yin Kam, German E. Novakovsky, Jasper Wong, Dylan Aïssi, and me.


bioSyntax can be accessed through the accompany package control tools for most of the text editors. For example, if you are a Visual Studio Code user, you can install bioSyntax via Visual Studio Marketplace.


Source: asciinema